Character Emotion

One way to help readers connect with your characters is through emotion.  While they may never have had to rescue their parents from alien invaders, they have been afraid.  This is most effective when you go beyond “Brett was afraid.”  And I don’t mean telling your reader that he was “very afraid” or even “terrified.”  You need to show your reader the fear and let the reader come along for the ride.

What does Brett do when he’s afraid?  Perhaps he shrinks back.  Or maybe he shakes.  But if that’s all I’ve got for my readers it is going to get old fast.

Fortunately, Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi have taken steps to help their fellow writers out.  They have compiled an Emotion Thesaurus full of physical, mental and emotional actions.

Check out my review of this handy resource on the Muffin.  You can even enter a giveaway to win your own copy.  Good luck!




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