Plotting Your Story

Every now and then, I read a manuscript that stumps me.   It starts out well enough — beautiful day, birds chirping, all the usual fluff and happiness.

As I read, I wait for something bad to happen.  And I wait.  And I wait.

Its not that I’m being a pessimist but if you are going to have a plot, your character needs to have some sort of reversal of fortune.  Sometimes your character will start out in an okay place and immediately things will go bad.  Sometimes your character will start out in an okay place, wonderful things will happen and then . . . stink bomb.  But if nothing happens . . . snore.

You are going to loose your readers.  And that means your would-be editor too.

For a funny take on plotting, watch this video of Kurt Vonnegut graphing every story.  No, he doesn’t do it in one graph but three, but you’ll get the point.  Things can’t be steady through your whole story or it will be a snooze fest.