Every book I write presents a unique challenge to me as a researcher and as a writer. Check out my books and learn a bit about the research and writing of each.

In Print Titles

Most recent first.

The Who
Part of the Classic Rock Bands Series.
Abdo, 2022. 

When my editor sent the list of potential titles, I jumped at the chance to write about my favorite band. Normally I find sources at the library and online, but this time I bought a stack of books that still have place of honor in my office.

Robotics in Health Care
Part of the Hi-Tech Health Care Series
Brightpoint Press, 2022.

This is my second hi-lo title. It was challenging to write about something hi-tech at a low reading level. Researching surgical robots, robots that help sanitize hospital rooms and more was fascinating. It changed forever how I think of robots.  

Being Black in America
Part of the Understanding the Black Lives Matter Movement.
Brightpoint Press, 2021. 

I’ve written about race several times before, but this book was my first opportunity to write high interest level/low reading level or hi-lo. I will definitely seek out more work of this type. Check back here for three more hi-lo books I’ve already turned in!

The Impeachment of Donald Trump
Part of the Special Reports Series.
Abdo, 2021.

With this book, I learned what it takes to impeach an official and just how hard it is to prove a case. I traced the steps in the process as well as how each step was impacted by current events during this presidency. Finding unbiased sources was tough but well worth the effort.

Coronavirus: The Covid-19 Pandemic
Part of the Special Reports Series.
Abdo, 2021.

I accepted this assigment early in the health crisis that would become the pandemic. Keeping up with the latest statistics and findings meant updating material severa time throughout the editing process and as the book went to print.

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy and The Murders of Tupac and Biggie
Part of the American Crime Stories Series.
Abdo, 2020.

I jumped at the chance to write The Assassination of John F. Kennedy. I grew up hearing about the assassination because Dad worked at Channel 11 in Lubbock, Texas and was part of the crew keeping the news on the air. Finding accurate information among the conspiracy theories was tough. I sought sources that brought science to the search for answers.

My son encouraged me to take on The Murders of Tupac and Biggie because of my social justice writing. In general, more recent information is easier to find but I had to dig for information on the deaths of these two rappers. This book was a lesson in which deaths the media considers important enough to cover.

Stem Cells
Part of the Engineering the Human Body Series.
Focus Readers, 2020.

This book offered me the chance to learn what stem cells are and how they are used in medical research. Because they are a “hot button” political topic, I wanted to know the facts and not just the fables. Taking medical texts and explaining the science to young readers was a challenge.

Earning, Saving, and Investing
Part of the Financial Literacy Series.
Abdo, 2020.

This book includes worksheets, charts and activities to help readers learn about money and how to make it work for them. In addition to turning in my text manuscript, I got to mock up flow charts, tables, and more.

The Dark Web
Part of the Privacy in the Digital Age Series.
Abdo, 2020.

This book is one that my son urged me to write. He wanted me to know what the Dark Web was about instead of repeating things that I had heard. Smart guy. It was a difficult book to research because most of the people talking about the dark web profit from your fear.

Evolution of Mammals and Evolution of Reptiles
Part of the Animal Evolution Series.
Abdo, 2019.

I was so excited when I saw that Abdo was doing this series that I asked for two of the titles. I had studied evolution and genetics as an anthropology student but recent gene sequencing had redrawn the Tree of Life which shows how various animals are related. I learned so much about the evolution of early animals writing these two books!

Puggle and Labradoodle
Part of the Top Hybrid Dogs series.
Capstone, 2019.

When I took this assignment, I thought, “Dogs are funny. This is going to be a cinch.” I hadn’t considered how hard it would be to find accurate information. Breeders want to make sales and these dogs are hybrids so there was no recognized breed organization. Still I dug and uncovered what I needed to write two books that have children asking their parents, “Can we get one?”

Meth and Steroids
Part of the Drugs in Real Life series.
Abdo, 2018.

The War on Drugs has been such a big part of American life for so long, I wanted to find out more about it. I quickly found out how difficult it is to research an illegal activity. Every source I could find was biased in some way unless it had been published by the medical community.

The Debate about the Electoral College
Part of the Pro-Con series.
Focus Readers, 2018.

I will admit I went into this book with firm opinions about the Electoral College. After all, shouldn’t we as a democracy use the popular vote? My research revealed how the College functions to give people a voice in American politics. As with so many of my books, I had to learn before I could explain the topic to my readers.

Advertising Overload
Co-authored with Duchess Harris. Part of the News Literacy series.
Abdo, 2018. 

Whether you go online to find information on to play games, you encounter ads. Researching this book taught me to recognize ads disguised as search results and content. I also learned how targeted advertising works.

The Dakota Access Pipeline
Part of the Special Reports series, Set 3.
Abdo, 2018. 

The Dakota Access Pipeline follows the controversy surrounding the building of the pipeline and the associated month-long protests at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota.”

What Are Race and Racism?
Part of the Race in America series
Abdo, 2018. 

Everyone’s daily lives are affected by race and racism in America. What Are Race and Racism? examines the complex meanings of these concepts, what roles they play in society, and how they affect individuals in America today.

Professional Gaming Careers
Part of the E-Sports: Game On! series
Norwood Press, 2017

“Explores E-Sports as a professional career. Learn about competitions, sponsorship, and live streams that lead professional gamers to the top of the gaming world.”

The Zika Virus
Part of the Special Reports series, Set 2
Abdo, 2017

The Zika Virus covers the Zika outbreak that began in 2015, discusses the history of the virus and its discovery, examines how the virus spreads and how it affects the infected, and looks at how the medical community is fighting it.

Hidden Human Computers: The Black Women of NASA
Co-authored with Duchess Harris
Part of the Hidden Heroes series
Abdo, 2017

Hidden Human Computers discusses how in the 1950s, black women made critical contributions to NASA by performing calculations that made it possible for the nation’s astronauts to fly into space and return safely to Earth.”

Women in Science
Part of the Women’s Lives in History series
Abdo, 2017

“Women have made a difference in every field imaginable, and they continue to do so today. Women’s Lives in History introduces readers to dozens of these remarkable people. Women in Science features groundbreaking figures in chemistry, biology, mathematics, medicine, and many other scientific fields.”

Women in Sports
 Part of the Women’s Lives in History series
Abdo, 2017

Women have made a difference in every field imaginable, and they continue to do so today. Women’s Lives in History introduces readers to dozens of these remarkable people. Women in Sportsfeatures groundbreaking figures in golf, basketball, soccer, figure skating, and many other sports.”

Trench Warfare
Part of the Essential Library of World War I
Abdo, 2016

This title examines the conditions, designs, soldiers, diseases, and warfare tactics of World War I’s trenches.”

12 Incredible Facts about the Cuban Missile Crisis
Part of the Turning Points in US History Series
12 Story, 2016

“Examines the 12 most amazing facts about the Cuban missile crisis. Full-color spreads provide information about the events critical moments, key players, and lasting effects paired with interesting sidebars, questions to consider, and a timeline.”

The Bombing of Pearl Harbor
Part of the Essential Library of World War II.
Abdo, 2015.

“World War II reached nearly every corner of the globe, from North Africa’s scorching deserts to Russia’s frozen tundra. Discover the devastating arsenal of weapons used by the warring nations. Learn how the war affected frontline soldiers, women at home, and national leaders. Explore the critical battles that turned the tide of the war. Follow a history of scientific advances that culminated in the ultimate weapon, the atomic bomb. Find out how World War II reshaped borders, revolutionized military technology, and redefined the human capacity for destruction.”

Black Lives Matter
Part of the Special Reports series
Abdo, 2015

“Black Lives Matter covers the shootings that touched off passionate protests, the work of activists to bring about a more just legal system, and the tensions in US society that these events have brought to light.”

Ancient Maya
Part of the Ancient Civilizations series
Abdo, 2015

“The legacy of past civilizations is still with us today. In Ancient Maya, readers discover the history and impressive accomplishments of the Maya people, including their advanced mathematics and massive stone cities.”

Out of Print Titles:

Gertrude Ederle versus the English Channel
Schoolwide, 2015

“In a time when well-mannered girls learned how to play piano, acted modestly, and were rarely athletes, Gertrude Ederle had a different dream: to be a competitive swimmer. Gertrude is a heroine everyone can still look up to . . . This book . . . brings to life how Gertrude conquered the English Channel, received the first tickertape parade in history, and became much more than the ‘Queen of the Waves.’”