About SueBE

I am primarily a nonfiction writer with over 600 sales to my credit.  In addition to my books:

  • I’ve written crafts, classroom activities, and science fair projects (Education.com and various Gryphon House anthologies).
  • I’ve written for magazines (Writer’s Digest, Ladybug, READ, and Young Equestrian).
  • I’ve written articles on writing (Children’s Writer, CBI, Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market, Writer’s Market, and more).

Although I didn’t always want to write, I was a devoted reader even when I could only look at the pictures. My father had to beat me to the National Geographic because I would disappear with it.  Once I could read?  I read during spelling tests.  I read at family events.  Sunday afternoon at my Grandma’s?  If I wasn’t watching a funny movie with Bumpa or feeding a Hereford through the back fence (Grandma was sure it would bite my hand off), I was reading.

But I was always curious.  That’s what my friends call it.  My mother said I was nosey.  Tomato potato. I was the kid who wanted to know how things worked, why people did this and not that, and whether or not there was a fossil under that rock.  That one.  Right there! 

I went to college and earned a bachelor’s degree in anthropology.  After working in archaeology for a while, I went back to school to study history. I wanted to know about how people lived. 

While I was in graduate school, I had a huge epiphany and called my mom.  I wanted to be a writer.  Her response?  “It’s about time you figured it out.”  Ah, well.  At least, I finally got here.

10 Facts about Me

Stray animals find me.  We’re talking one kitten, at least a dozen dogs, and a horse.

Marvel or DC?  Marvel.

Star Wars or Star Trek?  Firefly.  Although I like the other two as well.

Nicknames.  Family – Bones.  Friends – Professor.

Ketchup or mustard?  Mustard.  Unless there’s chili.

Favorite color.  Blue.  No purple.  Sometimes grey. 

Mountains or beach.  Mountains. Alpine desert is the best.

Kryptonite?  I have no poker face.  None.  

My sign?  Pooka.

If I couldn’t write?  Maybe someone would finally pay me to read.

10 thoughts on “About SueBE

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  2. Hi SueBe,
    Thanks so much for your kind words about my Timeless Thomas trailer. It was a lot of fun to make – plus my son enjoyed starring in it.
    -Gene Barretta

  3. SueBe I am very familiar with you from SCBWI. Just wanted to say hello, and ask if you had the time, I did see the post you did on Ripple Grove Press, I did submit to them, but I would love if someone in the profession could give me some feedback, as their reply time is 3 months.

  4. Just read and enjoyed your article in the 2013 CWI Market on illustrators and authors. Thank you. You answered so many of my questions about writing without being the illustrator.

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