Selfportrait by me.

You have found the web home of Sue Bradford Edwards. I am an author, blogger, teacher and book lover.

Why do I do write?

I am unapologetically curious. My friends joke that my super power is identifying uncomfortable truths. When I find something, I want to share it.

How do I find things out?

I ask questions. I always have. Why is this the way things are? Why are these people here instead of there? Why? Why? Why? My father, a teacher, nurtured this tendency.

What do I do with this information?

I write books for young readers. Why young readers? Because many of them are also curious. They ask questions. They want to know.

Look around my site to learn more about my books. You can see some of the covers below. Visit the pages of my site to learn about my classes, read my blog, and more.