How to submit your chapter book

Do you have a chapter book manuscript that you are trying to market?  If so, you need to market it as a series.

That’s what I’ve been told by two editors in just over two months.  The vast majority of publishers who market material for this reading level want a series, not a stand alone title.

This doesn’t mean that you need to write three or four books before you starting marketing your work.  If you don’t have a track record in children’s fiction, have your first manuscript written.  In your cover letter, include the series name and paragraph long plot summaries of two more books.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you consider the series possibilities for your chapter book:

Is the main character in the first book going to be the main character in subsequent books?  Or will one of book #1’s minor characters be the main character?

What is my series based on?  It can be as narrow as Magic Tree House or as broad as Junie B. Jones.

Do I have the passion to stick with these characters for multiple stories?  If you don’t like them well enough to do this, your readers won’t latch onto them either.

When you can answer these questions, get going on that cover let and get your chapter book manuscript back out in the mail.  New readers need great books and they love series.  Why shouldn’t one of them be yours?



Of course, this means that your character has to be series worthy.  completed.  , but you do need to know what addition