Ghost Buddy by Lin Oliver and Henry Winkler

The amazing writing duo of Lin Oliver and Henry Winkler have a new series out — Zero to Hero is the first book in the new Ghost Buddy series.

Lin Oliver is one of my all time favorite people — she’s absolutely darling, full of energy and ideas and so willing to share.  Imagine her paired with the outgoing wit that is Henry Winkler.  It’s no surprise that their books are hugely successful.

Their first series, Hank Zipzer, is about Winkler’s experiences as someone who is dyslexic.  Given his problems with reading, it isn’t surprising that Winkler didn’t read a book until he was 30 years old.  Still, he has something to tell young readers — you have greatness inside you.

The new Ghost Buddy books are about friendship, bullying, and being responsible.

Check out the video below.

You can also see an interview that Winkler did on the Today show — although I couldn’t embed this one.  They spend as much time talking about the Fonz as they do about the book, but it still gives you some insight into Winkler.

Check out these books and see what humor can bring to a story.