Library of Congress Making Even more information available digitally

I hope you’re as big of a research geek as I am and that you keep up with the latest additions to the Library of Congress’s digital archives.

If not, check out this post on the LOC blog about the latest digital additions to their collection.  Over 45,000 Great Depression Era photographs within the Farm Security Administration Collection have been digitized.

Click here to view the entire collection.  You can also visit this link to search within the collection.  Adding the word “horse” narrowed it to just under 300 items, many of which referred to the town of Horse Caves.  “Pumpkins” yielded only 5 items.

Even if you end up with a large number of results, thumbnail images to the left of each listing make for quick scanning of the results.

Check out this collection if you are writing something set during the Great Depression.  You may be amazed at what you find.