Goals — Heading toward the End of November

My word count for last week wasn’t quite as high as I’ve been managing but still well ahead of my 6000 word goal at 7086 words.   I wrote more tutorials and blog posts and started the article for WOW.

This week, I’m hoping to make 6000 words but only have a two day (with no one else here) week.  We shall see what we shall see.  I do have deadlines so I will be writing.

I have several tutorial to write . . .

and several more to rewrite.

I read a stack of character driven picture books and reread my own manuscript.  I’m ready to start playing with this.

And I want to finish the WOW article.

There’s also a market (Thriving Family) that put out a call and I want to try to pull some things together for them.

Fingers crossed and happy writing!



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