Goals — November, Week 2

Whew.  Deadlines do amazing things for your ability to meet a word count deadline.  Last week, I logged 8820 words (goal: 6000).  Lots of rewriting and layout or it would have been higher.

I managed to write new tutorials, rewrite tutorials and write a how-to article.  Not much progress on the picture book rewrite; before I tackle this I need to get to know my character a bit better, get some more information on paper so that it is in the forefront of my mind as a rework the manuscript.

This week I am going to:

  • Finish formatting a tricky job.
  • Do my Prayables blog.
  • Write and rewrite more tutorials.
  • Query Writer’s Digest.
  • Work on a WOW article.

That should be enough, plus a bit extra to insure insanity.  Hope you are all writing and illustrating and researching and otherwise making progress towards your goals.