Goals — Moving From November to December

How many words can you write during a two day work week?  Have enough deadlines and the answer is 9663.  Yay, me!   Ok, I also managed to give myself a 3 1/2 day work week by not going on the hunting trip (not a very tough decision).  I roughed 5 new tutorials, my WOW article and rewrote a whole stack of tutorials.

This week I need to polish the WOW article, finish the 5 new tutorials, rewrite at least one tutorial and blog.

I also did some characterization exercises (more later in the week on that) so I’m about ready to tackle that picture book rewrite.  Which is a good thing since I also got a rejection from Charlesbridge but the editor is willing to take a look at a rewrite.  More on the irony of that particular letter later in the week, too.

Now off to write my blog post for Prayables!

Happy writing all!