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November 10, 2010

Finding the Right Editor for Your Work

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Darth Tater (you had to be there at just the right moment)

Namrata Tripathi, Executive Editor at Atheneum, gave an excellent session at the Missouri SCBWI conference last Saturday.  Her topic was finding the right editor for you and your book.

Since I’m not into transcribing the session, it is her session after all, what follows will be mostly her, but also a bit of me and various other conference speakers.

An editor is an intellectual and creative partner.  As such, they have to be  good match for you.  Before you submit your work to someone, see if their taste is similar to your own.  This is especially important because you will be reworking your manuscript with this editor and it will work best if your sensibilities are similar.

This means that you have to find out what the editor has edited.  One way to do this if to check out the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrator’s document, “Edited By.”  Lin Oliver pointed out that this guide is updated every few months to keep the listings current.  If you have the name of an editor you are interested in, check to see if they have responded and are included in this publication.

When you read a book that you love, you should also check out the dedication and the author notes.  These may reveal the name of the editor.

Other places to find editor names?  Do a google search.  Editors and authors often give interviews and you may find out something about an editor you are interested in.

Tomorrow — some ideas on how to publicize (and how not to publicize) you and your work.


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