What I Wish For . . . Manuscripts!

Steam punk cupcakes from Border City Cakes

Agent Bree Ogden let us all know that she is no longer representing YA paranormal which she feels will soon peak.  When asked what was hot, she listed:

  • Science fiction
  • Dystopia
  • Steam punk

Don’t know what steam punk is?  Her response — then you need to find out.  That cracked me up because I LOVE steam punk.  Loved it even before it was IN.  But that’s just me.

For her part, Namrata Tripathi is looking for younger, shorter picture books that are character driven.  A word of hope for picture book authors — all of the picture books that she’s loved enough to take to acquisitions have gone through.  Loved enough.  I think that’s key.

Your work not on either of these lists?  Then start doing your research for the agent or editor who is right for you.  You can’t find them until you start looking.