Publicity and You

Marketing budgets may not be what they once where but there is something you, the author, can do about it.  Bring your talents into the equation and get out there and publicize your book.

Quit whining.

I mean it.

You don’t have to do public speaking and school visits although they can help.  Any skill that you have should be brought to the table.  “Tell us everything you can do,” said Atheneum’s Namrata Tripathi.

The author for Nevermore, Kelly Creagh, was the engine behind a website, bookmarks, temporary tattoos and a song that she wrote and Atheneum recorded.  The site alone is so awesome that Borders doubled their order after visiting it.

And don’t overlook a web presence.  A blog and a site and time spent engaged in various social media can help build a fan base who will purchase your book as well as telling others about it.

But do not be the author that cannot be trusted out of your editor or agent’s sight.  One author tweeted negatively about the publishing industry, griping about how long editors took to respond and stating that such laziness would not be tolerated in any other industry.  Bad, bad judgement.  Her ms was on the desk of at least one editor who returned it to her agent immediately.

Publishers are still willing to publicize your book but you need to help.  Why whine about how things used to be?  This is the publishing world of today.  Take advantage of the many opportunities it offers and an editor or agent will see you as an asset.

(Again, this was compiled from comments made throughout the day and the information is from multiple sources including Tripathi and Ogden.)