Goals — Powering (snore) into November

The 1st.

The beginning.

But my body says, “Nap time.”  Maybe it is the cool weather.  Maybe it is the fact that today has been so dark and then light and then dark.  Btu I’m am ready to power nap.

Still, I managed to meet my writing goals last week, clocking in 7577 words.  Not what I wanted to accomplish but at least I made my goal.

Fingers crossed for this week which is only a four day work week and I’ll be spending one morning running errands (library) and getting my maim-o-gram.

This week I’ll be:

  • Writing new tutorials.
  • Rewriting those the editors have commented on.
  • Starting a new article.
  • Collecting interviews for another.
  • Blogging.
  • Critiquing manuscripts.
  • Doing some layout work.

Wish me luck!