Read-Aloud Stories with Fred Collection & Only My Horses Know: Reviews

Read-Aloud Stories with Fred Collection by Fred Olds

Today is my day to post for the blog tour for two titles form Editor 911 Kids – Read-Aloud Stories with Fred Collection by Fred Olds and Only My Horses Know by Cinda Jo Bauman. And I have to say that I’ve been ready for days – these books were such a pleasure to read!

Before I share my reviews – my pleasure reading occurs before bed. It isn’t always easy to grab my attention at the end of the day. But both of these books succeeded and then some.

One of the best ways to get a feel for a press, such as Editor 911 Kids, is to read a variety of the books produced by the publisher. And these two books are varied!

As the title suggests, Read-Aloud Stories with Fred Collection by Fred Olds is a collection of stories to be read to the young reader. And that may be a good part of what hooked me. They reminded me of the stories my parents and grandparents read aloud to us.

Of all the stories in the book, my favorite was “The Hobbling Hermit,” about a hermit and his housemate, a clever mouse. It had the feel of a fairy tale or something like Uncle Wiggly, old and timeless.

Doesn’t sound like what your kids would be interested in? No problem because the tales in the book are varied. They include stories set at school, talking animals and more. This is definitely a book meant to be read and discussed. It is a perfect addition to your “family story time” bookshelf.

Only My Horses Know by Cinda Jo Bauman

Next up is Only My Horses Know by Cinda Jo Bauman. School has just started but twelve-year old Kylie Hannigan is struggling. She has to do her chores on the ranch as well as her Mom’s chores. Kylie loves the horses and doesn’t want to neglect them. So it is her school work that suffers.

Her best friend Joey knows that something is up but Kylie doesn’t feel like she can tell him what is wrong with her mom. After all, she doesn’t understand it herself. From the mood swings to days spent in bed or manic activity, Kylie takes her problems to God while wishing someone would step in and help.

Bauman has created a realistic story of a tween dealing with a parent’s mental illness. As a mom, it was hard to read, but I didn’t want to put this book down and finished it in two sittings. Kids who love horse stories will be pulled into the book with that part of the story. Kids eager for a story about a child growing in faith will find it in this book.

And writers? Read these books to get a feel for two authors who have done something atypical. One has written read-aloud stories that aren’t picture books. The other has written a secular book with a character with a strong faith who talks to God.

I’m curious to see what Editor 911 Kids publishes next!