Writers Must Recharge

Writing involves a lot of sitting on your behind, staring at a computer screen. It is amazing how much energy that consumes. To make certain you have the energy to write, it is important to recharge.

This weekend I went to one of my favorite “recharging” stations – the Missouri Botanical Garden. In general, I’m not a huge plant person, meaning that I don’t feel like I know an awful lot about them. But I love going to the garden.

One of my favorite places to visit is the Climatron – a great geodesic greenhouse. You’ll see a bit of it in the second photo. In front of the Climatron are rectangular reflecting pools. Each has a different type of lily pad. There are some the size of dinner plates. Different varieties have leaves with different colors and textures. The flowers can be yellow, pink or deep purple. But my favorites are these large bath mat-sized lily pads. Can’t you imagine riding across the pool on one?

I also love going inside the Climatron. There are tiny plants with variegated leaves. They hug the ground right up to the water’s edge. There are orchids. There are pitcher plants that digest the hapless insects that fall inside. There is giant bamboo. There are a variety of plants the produce food including banana trees, jack fruit trees, a cola tree, a coco tree, and more.

But my favorites are probaly the tall tree-like plants that reach toward the rafters. I say tree-like because, as I said, I’m not a plant person. Some might be trees. Some might not. But this is one of my favorites with long leaves much like those on a banana tree. I love the way that the central stem looks like a braid.

It is easy to imagine slipping into the Climatron for shelter and taking up residence for a short time. How long could you linger before you were found?

Where do you go to recharge? Does it inspire your writing in some way?