Rejection: When I Refuse to Finish an Audio Book

I am a voracious reader.  Between print books and audio books, I have “consumed” something like 130 books so far this year.

That said, every now and then I refuse to finish a book.  If I’m reading it for book club but don’t like it, I’ll skim it.

But this past week, I’ve checked out 5 audiobooks I didn’t finish.  What keeps me from finishing a book?

Recommended but . . . I will pick up virtually any book that someone recommends to me unless I know this is an author whose work doesn’t speak to me.  But that also means that every now and again I’ll pick up a recommended book and realize I’ve made a big mistake.  For example, I do not like romance novels.  A mystery with romance?  That’s great.  An adventure with romance?  I can do that too.  But a romance just for the sake of romance?  It doesn’t matter if it is funny or the setting, I probably will not finish this book.

Narrator error . . . I don’t have to love the way that reader sounds, but it can’t be distractingly irritating either.  I’ve returned books with readers who have no inflection as well as readers who EMOTE.  One reader put so much effort into hamming up various accents that I couldn’t understand her.  Those books also go back.

Out-of-order . . . the last book that I had to take back was a goof up on my part.  I checked out something like book 11 in the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz.  Unfortunately, I’m on book #5.  Sometimes I can read a series out-of-order but this was just too off so I’ve requested the next book.

In truth, that’s about it for me.  Otherwise I listen to adult books and children’s books, fiction and nonfiction, translations, classics and more.  I actually like to listen to books about other cultures because then I learn how to properly pronounce names.  Adult nonfiction as an audio book is also often easier than reading.

But every now and again I come across a book I choose not to finish.  But five in a row?  That’s unusual.  Fingers crossed that the next one I pick up holds my attention.


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