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November 5, 2018

Highlights: Accepting Submissions

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All of you Highlights fans will be happy to know that the magazine is once again open for submissions.  That said, the guidelines are new so even if you knew the old guidelines you will have to study this new version.  You can find the updates guidelines here.

The thing that I like best is that they tell you what they need.  That way you don’t waste your time submitting mysteries with girl protagonists when right now they need boy protagonists.  And that humorous story about a boy who is in third grade?  Save it.  They need humorous stories with girl protags.

Me?  I’m thinking about submitting some STEM activities.  I miss activity writing and these are super short – 5 steps.

If you are interested in writing for other magazines in the Highlights family, click on the link back to the main list and you can find out what they need at Hello.  I’m afraid the news isn’t great.  They have most of what they need through 2019 and don’t have themes yet for 2020.  Still they will purchase and hang onto any pieces they simply can’t resist.

There are also details for High Five (crafts, recipes and activities should require minimal adult help) and Hidden Pictures.  Unfortunately submissions have not reopened on this last magazine simply because they have enough material to satisfy all current needs.

I know – it seems like bad news if you want to submit to Hello or Hidden Pictures.  But this way you can put your energy toward a project that has a chance of selling.  And, really, if you want to put your work into the hands of young readers that is much better than submitting something that they simply will not buy at this time.

Click through and read the guidelines.  Then brainstorm ideas.  They do need work and now you have a much better chance of sending what they are currently buying.



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