Change: When It Rains, It Pours

It looks like I’m moving out of my office, doesn’t it?  I have two boxes full of papers as well as a file organizer and several stacks of various things on the dining room table.

Not that I’m moving.  We just contracted with a new internet service.  Something about cutting the bill by 30% and increasing the speed five times.  With me working from home and using a lot of graphics and my son having to use various graphic intense educational programs, it was the thing to do.

But this meant cleaning off a large stretch of desk.  My desk is u-shaped and wraps around the room.

Was it worth it?  I would say so.  I can upload a photo in something like two seconds.  And my office feels much roomier without the stack of papers at my elbow.

So now I want to clean out some more.  But Thanksgiving is later in the week so I can’t leave it all in the dining room.  And I have two rewrites due in the next two weeks.

And it all started because we wanted faster internet.  Where will it all end?



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