My New Book, Part 2

Pearl HarborGuess what just came?  My other new book — The Bombing of Pearl Harbor from Abdo.  That’s right.  Two books in a week.  Believe me.  This is not my typical week.  This is too much like Christmas.  My typical week more closely resembles controlled chaos.

Speaking of chaos, I’m currently working on 3 different deadlines.  I have one more science experiment to figure out and then rewrite and four activities to photograph for one job.  I’m almost done with the first draft of chapter 1 on another.  I just have two more sidebars to go but I also have to outline the remaining 8 chapters.  And I have 45 contest entries to judge.

As busy as I am, I’d much rather have this type of chaos than the chaos depicted on the cover of the book!  That said, I’m still happy to have my latest book baby here with me.


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