Agents: Approaching Agents

Agent HuntNow that I’ve found a pair of agents that interest me, I need to get my work ready to submit.  The manuscript itself is ready to go but that doesn’t mean I’m ready although I’m working to get to that point. First, I checked out the submissions guidelines for both the Bent Agency and the Prospect Agency.

Each agent at the Bent Agency has a separate e-mail address.  The submissions guidelines tell you to look at the agent’s bios and pick out the agent who is the best match for your work.  I’ve already done that.

Next comes writing my letter.  They have specific things that they want to see in the letter.  They want to know about the manuscript, who am I and why am I qualified to write this particular book.  I’d love to say that my letter is ready to go.  Nope.  It’s clunky and awkward but at least I managed to draft version #1.  I want to go through my notes on Susan Hawk again and make sure there isn’t some more I need to say in the letter.  Then I’ll go about making it sound good and making it tighter.

The Prospect Agency requires submissions through a form on their site.  You don’t submit to a specific agent and are told that if there is an agent who is interested in your work, they will contact you.  Again, I have roughed out my letter, but, I have to admit, I’ve done so with a specific agent in mind.

I’m letting these letters sit for a few days and then I’ll work on them again with fresh eyes.



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