Nonfiction session for Fall Conference

Me trying to plan my conference session.

I am going to be one of the speakers at the Missouri SCBWI writer’s conference this fall (November 5th), leading a session on “Writing and Selling Nonfiction.”

I know I should cover research, narrowing your topic and studying markets.  I’m also thinking about creating scenes and exploring character and plot.

Is there anything that I’m leaving out?


2 thoughts on “Nonfiction session for Fall Conference

  1. Looks good to me, SueBE. I would just add checking the market pool to make sure there’s not a glut of titles on your chosen subject, and also how to emulate the style of writers you love without seeming derivative. Congrats on leading a session at the conference, girl – nice feather in your cap!

    1. Ruth,
      I’ll be sure that goes in there! In my mind, I tend to lump that in with “narrow your topic,” but I had better be sure to emphasize the “check out the competition” aspect. This is the kind of public speaking I love! And thank you for the suggestion.

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