Subplots, waffling and rewrites

As I’ve been planning my middle grade rewrite . . . avoiding and planning are really quite similar . . . I’ve been waffling over the possibilities for subplots.  I really and truly do need to create a subplot and where sub plots are concerned, I am oh so picky. It must be carefully woven in and strongly parallel the main story to make me happy.

My favorite fish.

Originally, my main character was a competitive swimmer.  I tucked that little detail into the beginning and then promptly did nothing whatsoever with it.  In fact, I so completely abandoned it that I decided to cut it from the story.

But now my son is on swim team.  I am spending scads (SCADS!) of time at the pool.  I am learning meet ling0 — heats and DQs and flip turns.  Then my son invented his own favorite swim day sandwich which I am calling the carbie barbie special.  It so has to make its way into a story.  A story with a fun, determined real boy main character.

A story just like my middle grade.

So as I continue to plan – because now I’m jazzed and really planning and wanting to get back to it – I am noodling over subplots.  How can the themes of the main plot be mirrored in an equally driving pool/swimming inspired subplot?

Think, think, think, think.


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