Cover Reveal: The Dark Web

Over the weekend I was fiddling around on Amazon when I found the cover for my latest North Star title, The Dark Web.  It will be released in August.

I admit that as I’m writing a title, I sometimes wonder what the cover will look like.  What images will they use?  What font will they choose? And I’m almost always surprised with the direction that they take.

When I accepted this particular assignment, I didn’t know much of anything about the dark web.  My son, at twenty, knew a lot more.  “Which version are you writing?  The fuddy Boomer version or the truth?”

Yeah, no bias there.

But the more that I researched, the more that I saw his point.  For those of you who don’t know about the dark web, it is an area of the internet that is largely unregulated.  You access it through special browsers like Tor.

Because it is unregulated, it is the perfect place for illegal activity.  Narcotics and slaves are both sold on the Dark Web.  But whistle blowers also contact journalists through the Dark Web.  And people who are working against repressive regimes use the Dark Web.  Not comfortable with how Facebook is using your data?  That’s why some people go through the Dark Web. They don’t want their information being mined and used by others.

Don’t get me wrong.  I wouldn’t turn my kid loose on the Dark Web.  But then I didn’t turn my kid loose on the internet.

This was definitely an interesting book to research.  The cover?  I get someone using a mouse. That makes sense.  But a left handed man in a suit?  FBI?  Various Feds have been working hard to make it less anonymous.  Who knows?  Maybe next year I’ll get to write another title- The Deeper, Darker Web.



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