Little Free Library: And the Winners Are…

Recently, Little Free Library and Chronicle Books had a competition for architects to design Little Free Libraries that met the needs of library stewards.  I have to admit that I loved the range of needs that various stewards listed.  They included:

  • keeping in mind that adult and child users are different heights,
  • the need for motion sensor lighting,
  • balancing form and function,
  • having a place for a dog-walker to tie up their pup so they could browse the books.

With submissions from all over the world, the winners are an incredibly diverse group of potential libraries. You can see the entire grouping here.  I’ve included my three favorites below.









This entry was from Finland. I love that it can be manufactured off site, delivered broken down and flat and then assembled with minimal tools.  I can truly see this one take residence around a town square with multiple businesses participating or throughout an area of any town or city.  It also has that funky, modern Finnish design which I love.









This one is more than a design.  It has been built and has become something of a community center.  It is more than a library housing books also providing shelter for readers and a “little free” food pantry.  I’m not sure but it may also be part of a community garden.  Super cool!




And last but not least is a winner that lights up at night so to make it more visible for potential patrons.

I recently spotted a Little Free Library in my own community.  It truly made my heart happy.  My city can be a bit excitable when it comes to code enforcement and what is and is not allowed.  I honestly wasn’t sure they would allow Little Free Libraries so I’ll be keeping an eye on this one as I noodle over the possibilities.



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