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February 3, 2017

Online Housekeeping

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android-1869510_1920Not long ago, one of my writing buddies reminded all uf us to change the copyright dates on our web pages.  With the New Year, they all needed to be updated to 2017.  It took me a few days, but I finally got around to it.  First things first, I was shocked to realize my site designer hadn’t included a copyright.  That meant that while I didn’t have to update what was there, I did need to make this addition to every page.  Fortunately, it didn’t take long.  While I was at it, I poked around and found several other things to update.

It’s easy to let what we have online stagnate, here are nine things to check and update if need be now that we are a month into 2017.

The copyright notice on your site.  Yep.  I already talked about it above, but do check.

The book list on your website.  What has come out in the past several months that you haven’t yet added?  I had to add both my November 2016 and January 2017 releases.

Class dates.  If you teach a class, like I do, you probably list start dates on your site.  Check them.  I refuse to admit how out of date mine were.

The photo you use on Facebook.  Do you have an author page on Facebook? If so, is it time to update your photo?

The banner you use on Facebook.  Again, check your Facebook author page.  My banner is my first book.  I’m still trying to decide.  Keep it or change it to my most recent release?

The “about” section on Facebook.  I know, I know.  While your udpating Facebook, you could have thought of this one on your own, but did you?  It doesn’t come up on the main screen so I tend to forget about it.

Twitter.  Your Twitter account also has a photo, a banner and profile information.  Does something need to change?

Blog.  Again, look at your profile.  And check the graphics.  My blog includes graphics for several different programs I participated in that are over and done with.  Obviously, I put them there.  Now I need to make them be gone.

LinkedIn…Do I really need to list it all?  Go have a look around and see what is out of date.  I bet there’s something!

It looks like a lot but if you can do one online destination today and another tomorrow, you’ll be done in less than a week.



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