What do you have to say?

KingsolverToday is my birthday and I’d like to give a gift to all of us.  I give you permission to write the story that you deeply want to write.

Maybe it is something funny.  After all, you love making people laugh.

Maybe it is something dramatic in a way that is just a little scary.  You just can’t get this story out of your head.

Maybe it is YA or even New Adult.  You want to write a story about someone whose made bad, even damaging decisions, but is at heart a truly good person.

We each have a story that we want to write.   The world needs this story.  But for some reason we keep putting it off.

Maybe you are worried you just don’t have the skills to carry it out.  Or you know someone will cut it down.  Or it is based on something that really happened and you aren’t sure how the people involved will feel about you writing this story.

This week, I saw a nifty little piece of embroidery.  It said, “Quit faffing about and get on with it.”  And that is my gift to all of us.

Permission.  Permission to quit wasting time worrying and write the story already.


5 thoughts on “What do you have to say?

  1. Happy birthday, SueBE! Hope you had dessert for every meal and a nice long bubble bath today! Love the idea of freeing us all to write that story we’ve put on the shelf, but keeps beckoning. Let’s unleash it! 🙂 Ruth

  2. Ladies,
    Thank you so much for the kind wishes. Fortunately, my son has taught me to stretch my birthday out for days. So I get dinner out one night, birthday wishes on Facebook the next day, my favrorite homemade dinner the next night along with a movie and dinner with my sister’s family and godparents on Saturday. Too much to fit into one day!

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