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August 2, 2017


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Starting today, I am re-instituting an old policy.  I am going offline to work.

Because so much of my whammock-2239788_1920.jpgriting involves research, I generally have a search engine open. This means that Facebook is also open.  My computer lets me know when someone contact me via Facebook.  It let’s me know when I have an e-mail.  Not to be left out, my phone also gets in on the act.

That ends today.

This weekend, we made a run down to the lake.  I didn’t really intend to work but I was going to get caught up on e-mail.  Ping, ping, ping, ping.

But since I wasn’t working, I only had my phone.  I left my laptop at the house.  My phone would connect to the wifi but it wasn’t giving me all of my e-mail.  “You have 100 but I’m going to give you 27 new ones and then 40 marked unread that are allegedly from May.”

I turned my phone off.  Same thing.

I disconnected from the wifi.  Still goofy.

So instead of reading e-mail, I went to the range with the boys.  We drove to the next town to visit a sporting goods store.  I ate BBQ and really good Mexican food.  I stared at the sky.  I watched humming birds.  I started crocheting a bat (the flying kind). I didn’t even read.

It was awesome.  I felt so relaxed.

And when I got home it was all still there.  Sure some of it was two days old but no one seems to have suffered any ill effects.  Three days after getting home, I am still trying to get caught up.

But that’s okay.  I feel a lot more relaxed.

So today, as you read this, I’m typing away, working on a picture book draft for critique tonight.  This is draft 3 and it is going much smoother than 1 or 2.  In part, I think this is because I know where the story is going.

But I’m not discounting the fact that I’m offline.  If you need me, you’ll just have to wait until my lunch break.




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