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October 9, 2018

Graphic Novels: Is This Form Right for Your Story?

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EstrangedLast week, I attended a webinar by School Library Journal on comic book writing.  The guests were Ethan Aldridge, author of Estranged, and Wendy Xu, part of the SLJ team.   One of the things that they stressed was how vital it is to recognize both novels and graphic novels as legitimate means of story telling.

A novel is text-based.  It challenges readers to imagine what the characters and setting look like.  It stresses reading and literacy and is great for one type of learner.

A graphic novel may be better for visual learners because it stresses images over text.  It helps readers develop visual literacy, especially as they work to read and identify emotion.

But it also means knowing which is the better form for your particular story.  A fantasy or science fiction graphic novel allows the illustrator to develop the world.  It doesn’t require paragraphs or pages of text to tell the reader what the buildings look like and what people, if they are people, wear.  The illustrator simply depicts it.

The illustrator can also expand on the story by including characters in the background of multiple panels.  Readers will begin to look for these characters and they can be used to develop a visual subplot.

The fact that a graphic novel is illustration based means that it can be difficult to have an unreliable narrator.  The reader sees the world that the main character sees.  That said, the reader may see something in the distance that the character doesn’t.

I can’t say that I feel prepared to start writing graphic novels. But I’m curious to learn more about how the various elements work together to move the story forward, create tone, and more.  I’ve got a number of books on request including Sanity and Tallulah by Molly Brooks, Fake Blood by Whitney Gardner, and of course Estranged by Ethan Aldridge.  I’ll be requesting more as I finish these so let me know if you have any favorites.


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