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April 19, 2017

The agent search continues

Now that I’ve turned in the Dakota Access Pipeline book, I’m getting ready to send another batch of queries to agents. Not that I want this to sound like I’ve queried 100s of them and been rejected all around.  I think that so far I’ve sent out about 5 queries so I am still in the early stages.

The two agents that I’m seriously looking at right now are Laura Biagi and Roseanne Wells.

Biagi is with the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency.  She caught my eye because she had a degree in cultural anthropology and is interested in books both history and science which is a good match for me.  She is also currently reading picture book manuscripts, including submissions that are text only.  Translation:  You don’t have to be am author/illustrator.  Check out the agency website for the submission guideline form.

Next up is Rosemary Wells with Jennifer de Chiara Literary Agency. She grabbed my attention because she represents both STEM titles in general and also nonfiction picture books.  Again, a good match for me.  You can find a listing for her on the Writer’s Digest agenting blog.


If you plan to submit to either of these agents, you should do your own research so that you can query them with knowledge about why they are a good match for your work.

Recently, I had someone who is concerned with my well-being and career ask me if I should keep posting market news, specifically about agents and publishers that I am interested in.  The question came about because a few people have wanted information from me but refused to share market information themselves.

I made my sales because other writers helped me connect with editors and publishers.  Some of them told me when their own editors were looking for things.  Others tipped me off about markets that are compatible with my work.  They were willing to risk it and so am I.  Yes, publishing is a competitive business but if you have what an editor wants, you are going to make a sale.  If I don’t make one sale, I’ll make another.

So, good luck if either of these agents intrigues you!



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