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November 30, 2010

Hawaiian Archaeological Info On-line

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The Bishop Museum is compiling an online database of information on Hawaiian archaeological sites excavated by this institution.  At this point, Hawaiian Archaeological Sites (HAS) consists largely of tables of information sorted by island and district but there is also bibliographic information and occasional links to a manuscript data base.

Note: This is a brand new site.  Be patient! There are already plans for phase 2 which will include artifact images as well as 500+ PDFs of archaeological research manuscripts.  Keep an eye on this site; it is going to be an amazing resource.

Special thanks for Research Buzz for bringing this to my attention.




October 22, 2010

Open Folklore

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Those of you who are folklore junkies need to check out Open Folklore.  Created by The American Folklore Society and Indiana University Bloomington Libraries, this portal provides access to both published (no longer in copyright or freely available) and unpublished (abstracts and syllabus).

I did a search on “tricksters” and received links to an article, a presentation, 3 book reviews, and several pieces published by Trickster Press.

Campbell, as in Joseph Campbell, only yielded one result.  I’m telling myself that they are still getting things up to speed.

The Journals page has links to free content journals including Asian Ethnology, Cultural Analysis, Indian Folklife, Play and Folklore, and  more. If only I didn’t have a deadline to meet!

This is some place that I’ll be visiting again.  Special thanks to Research Buzz for bringing this new resource to  my attention.


August 11, 2010

Research online

I just love it when I locate new online sources for research.  Here are two that I learned about through Research Buzz.

The West Virginia department of Natural Resources has compiled a digital archive of Wonderful West Virginia back to 1936 although the earliest issues were Annual Report(s) of the Conservation Commission of West Virginia and the publication had several other titles between now and then.  Unfortunately, this archive doesn’t seem to be searchable but you can see what the issues of interest in West Virginia were at various points in time.

Interested in maps?  Then check out the David Rumsey Map Collection.  This historical collection has 22,000+ images and maps available online.  While the focus of the collection is rare 18th and 19th century North and South American maps, world maps and maps of Europe, Asia and Africa are also part of the collection.  This database is searchable so take the time to poke around and see what you can see!


January 13, 2010


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Thank you to Research Buzz for bringing Vintage Ad Browser to my attention.

This site features over 100,000 ads on a variety of topics including food, clothing, and more.  Taking a quick look I found:

  • Patent Sponge Boots for Horses Feet (1825)  which made me wonder “what the heck is that?”
  • Furs of All Kinds, Even Opossum and Pussy Cat, Bought Here (1880) which made me shudder
  • The Got Milk Series
  • Various Chinese political posters from the 1960s
  • Products that use children and babies to hook parents — including steam radiators

This isn’t an academic site so you aren’t necessarily going to find complete data on who produced the ad or where they found it. Sometimes you will, but not always.

Remember that these ads are products of the times and cultures that produced them so expect both snake oil and blatant racism (there are ads for slaves).  Still, a good resource for various historic periods back to 1840.


August 18, 2009

Tuesday: Primary Sources

physicsBecause it can be so hard to find primary resources on certain topics, I always note primary material even if I don’t need that particular source at the time.

If you are working on a book or article that involves physics check out the Niels Bohr Library and Archives .  This site includes transcriptions of over 3000 hours of interviews on the topics of quantum physics, nuclear physics, modern astrophysics and astronomy, laser science, space science and geophysics, science education and much more.  While the majority of scientists are from the US there are also European scientists as well as a few from other countries. 

Note:  The library owns the copyright to all materials and you have to get their permission to quote from any of the transcripts.

Special thanks go to Research Buzz which is where I originally found out about this archives. 


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