Pop Up Tutorials

Here’s something fun for a Friday.  Paper engineer Jess Tice has created a series of pop-up tutorials on Howcast.  Watching her work through three different v-folds, I suspect this is something I could actually pull off.  Maybe not painlessly, but I could do it.

Take a look at her first tutorial and see if you don’t find some new ideas percolating to the surface.



More paper engineering

Ok, ok.  We’ve already established that I am a total pushover for paper craft, but isn’t this guy’s work amazing?  The artist is Wataru Ito from Japan.

I really, really want to just copy the images so that they’ll be here, but I can’t bring myself to risk violating someone’s copyright.  Sorry.  You’ll have to click on the links.

Here is a piece in Simpuhl, a photogallery in the Telegraph,  and a slightly different take on Animexchanges.

I just can’t believe that after working on it for several years, he’s going to burn it.  Of course, I can barely fold paper in a straight line.  Ok, ok.  I basically can’t fold paper in a straight line.  Sigh.  My origami city would look much, much more like a hovel.

Fortunately, I seem to have one or two other talents!