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June 26, 2017

Find Yourself as a Writer

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Tracee Ellis Ross is a comedian and a producer, a model and an actress.  Obviously she is a woman of great talent but I have to admit that I was surprised when I saw an interview where she talked about journaling.  I guess that as a writer, I tend to think of journaling as a “writer’s thing.”  After all, it is a great way to find your personal voice.

So it makes sense that as a comedian, she would also need to find her voice.  After all, she wants to sound like herself and not someone else.

That’s something that each of us definitely needs to do as a writer.  Find your voice.

There are multiple parts to this.  First of all, take a good look at where you came from.  I’m in Missouri.  I grew up in Missouri.  But I was born in Texas and have deep roots there as well.  I live in the city or at least the suburbs.  But again, I also have deep roots in the country.  My grandmother grew up in a small town so my grandparents made certain that I spent a lot of time in the countryside.  But I’m also well read and well educated.  All of this shows in both my personality and my voice.  As my son puts it — I’m not sure if I’m a liberal red neck or a red neck liberal, but I can swing either way.

Second, you need to know who you are as a writer.  I am primarily a nonfiction writer.  That said, my audience is not narrowly defined.  It stretches from third grade through high school.  I write about history, race, science and anthropology.  These are the topics that interest me, and I don’t try to defend them.  Young readers who are interested in these topics will get it.  They like them too.

Third, you need to know how you approach your writing.  I can be more than a bit irreverent.  I see truths that make my fellow adults uncomfortable.  I take this truth very seriously but my sense of humor is strong.  My mother in law has referred to me as cheeky which I take as a compliment.

All of this goes into shaping the things that I chose to write as well as my voice.  It is who I am.  Not everyone gets it but that’s okay.  This is me and what I write.  I’m not going to say that finding this spot was easy or quick, but it was essential.

So now let me ask – have you defined yourself?


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