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October 8, 2018

Font Choice and Readability

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A couple of weeks ago, I spent some time on Canva design tutorials.  One of the topics was font as in matching font to message and making things interesting but readable.

Imagine my surprise when my husband sent me an article he had spotted, “Sans Forgetica: The font scientists created to help you recall what you read.”   What it comes down to is this – there is a reason that people don’t learn as well as they should.  We make it to easy for them.  What you need to employ is desirable difficulty.  If they have to put a bit of effort into acquiring the knowledge, they are more likely to retain it.

Whether or not you accept this theory, it is an interesting idea.  I’m a big believer in the idea that you tend to appreciate things if you put some effort into getting them.  But how does that apply to font?

A team of designers and behavioral scientists from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia worked to create a series of fonts that are more difficult to read.  They then tested these fonts on approximately 400 Australian university students.  The results showed that one font, which the developers named Sans Forgetica was legible enough that people could read it but difficult enough to encourage deeper mental processing and, through this, better retention.

Here is a list I was given to commit to memory this week.

Sans Forgetica

What do you think?  Will reviewing it typed out in Sans Forgetica help?



December 13, 2013

Choosing Fonts

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Font ChoiceA friend of mine is looking into self-publishing his novel so I’ve been thinking a lot about book design and font.  How do you choose the right font for your cover?

Sometimes the choice is obvious.  One glance at Charlemagne STD and I can picture it carved into the marble of a roman monument.  If I had set a story in Ancient, or even historic Egypt, I would use Papyrus.  And Blackadder ITC?  A pirate story.  What else?

At other times, no single choice sticks out as obvious.  If I was designing the cover for a romance novel, my first thought would probably be script.  That general notion is find, but which script would you choose?  Freestyle Script would clearly only work with a contemporary story.  If I set a story in the court of Napolean, would I have to use French Script MS or would Edwardian Script ITC, which I find more attractive be acceptable?

For a horror story, I would consider Chiller, but by choices for a science fiction manuscript are less clear.  Would Agency FB or Century Gothic work?

There is so much to consider when choosing a font.  Some are simply to clever to be easily readable.  Others are readable but just not right for a particular topic.

Right now, I’m writing a contemporary fantasy.  Bradley Hand ITC might work because his mother’s journals play a big part in resolving the story problem.  But my main character is a boy and the book has strong boy appeal.  A light script?  I don’t think that would be right.  But what would I chose?  I’m much better at knowing what doesn’t work than what would.

What font would you pick out for the cover on your current WIP?


Edwardian Script ITC

sf fonts

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