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December 18, 2014

Submitting Your Work in December

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calendarShould you submit your work in December?  If you do, how likely is it come swiftly home, the victim of December desk cleaning?

This is one of those great debates in the world of freelancing.  Is it worthwhile to submit your work in December or will someone who wants to clean off their desk simply make it be gone?  I’ve always sent my work of in December but I think that may change.  Yesterday, I saw two postings asking writers to wait until some time in January.

Jennifer Laughran of Andrea Brown Literary is closed to queries until January 12, 2015.  See the request here.

Susan Hawk of the Bent Agency is also closed to queries through January 12, 2015.  See the request here.

If you have an editor or agent you want to query this time of year, don’t assume that they are open.  Google them.  Check their blog.  Check their site.  Does it say they are closed to submissions?  If the answer is yes, they are closed, than don’t send it to them right now.  If the answer is no, they are not closed, send away.

Of course, you should be checking before you send your manuscript in July or August, too.  So I guess the rule should be:

January through December check and make sure an agency or publisher is open before you submit.



August 19, 2014

Call for Manuscripts: Appleseeds and Pockets

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Submissions AppleseedsHiSubmissions Pockets Everyone,

Two different theme-based calls for submissions.

The first is from Appleseeds.   As you know, Appleseeds is part of the Cricket group.  The magazine is theme based and one of the upcoming themes is still open for submissions.  The July/August 2015 issue will be titled Check Mate: Chess and Other Games.  This issue isn’t just about the games themselves but also about the people who play, win and make them.  The query deadline is 10/1/2014.

Feature articles run from 1 to 4 pages and include nonfiction, interviews and how-tos.  There are also a wide range of departments to explore.  Here is the list that I got from the guidelines:

  • Fun Stuff (games or activities)
  • By the Numbers (math activities)
  • Where in the World (map activities)
  • Your Turn (opportunities for children to take action)
  • Experts in Action (short profile of professionals)
  • The Artist’s Eye (fine or folk art)
  • From the Source (primary sources)

Before you submit to this publication, be sure to read the full guidelines.

The other call is from Pockets magazine which is owned by the Upper Room.

Their first open theme is Hope with a deadline of 09/01/2014.  This is an Easter based theme and will focus on how the knowing of a loving God helps us hope in spite of situations that appear hopeless.

The second theme is Family Challenges with a deadline of 10/01/2014.  The purpose of this theme is too look at the challenges that families face, including scheduling, siblings, rules and more.

Pockets publishes fiction and nonfiction from 600 to 1000 words.  These pieces should deal with situations faced by young readers.  Avoid talking animals and objects.  Biblically based stories must remain faithful to the Biblical account.  Poems should be 20 lines or less and either seasonal or related to the theme.

See their guidelines here. Good luck sending in your work!




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