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February 24, 2015

Book Art

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Do not destroy books.  That’s generally my mantra.  But once in a while an artist manages to convince me that what they are doing is creation and not destruction.  One of those artists is Brian Dettmer.

Dettmer acknowledge that some people find his work disturbing because what they see is the destruction of a book.  The cool thing?  Dettmer acknowledges that this opinion matters, because we think of books as living things, things that evolve and change and grow.

For his part, Dettmer is helping books do just that.  He helps us to see something new inside of them because that’s where his art originates — from the inside of the book itself.  He seals the outside surface of the book he is work with and then carves into it to reveal images and words in layers.

Part of the reason that he works with books is that he loves their yin and yang and I’m glad he brought this dichotomy to my attention. The words in books create pictures in our minds, but when we look at the images in books we think about them using language.  Get it — yin and yang.

One reason that Dettmer is willing to work with books in creating is art is that he does’t believe that books will die out.  I’m going to make you watch his video (below) to find out why.  And, you really do want to see this video so that you can check out both his creations and how he thinks about the books we work so hard to create.





January 12, 2012

Book Sculptures

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One more time for good measure — if you are going to destroy a book, you had better make something fabulous out of it.  If you don’t, I will find you.

Take a look at the book sculptures created by Canadian artist Guy Laramee.  He’s done the Grand Canyon, Petra and the Great Wall.  My, oh, my.  I might actually be willing to sacrifice a book or two (okay, an old text book or two) to get some of the Petra sculptures.

Watch this interview for some insight into Laramee’s inspiration.

If you were doing a similar segment, which of your projects would you highlight?  How would you describe your inspiration?




September 13, 2011

Mysterious Book Art in Edinburgh

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Check out this video about a real Scottish mystery.  Someone has been leaving awesome book sculptures at libraries and other books related venues around town.  No one knows who this devoted artist is, but WOW!


June 21, 2011

Check out this book art

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Recently, event planner and designers David Stark put on a book/fairy tale inspired birthday part complete with tons and tons of book art.

Check out this awesome castle!   For more pics and tons of inspiration, check out the Design Sponge posting where I found out about this event.

Hope this inspires you to create as well!


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