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January 20, 2012

Book Trailers that Pull the Reader in

I hope that everyone can stand another post on book trailers.  Most book trailers focus entirely on the book itself.  Or on the author.  But here are three that manage to do something a little different.

The first is for a picture book called A Dog Is a Dog.  For the most part, this focuses on the book, but it does so in a way that pulls the reader in.  How?  By asking a question that you soooo want to answer.  Take a look to see how they did it . . .

In the second trailer, the focus shifts just a bit more.  The picture book is called Blackout and while the video shows illustrations from the book, the video shows so much more.  It includes cameos with actual New Yorkers telling what they were doing when the power went out.

The third trailer takes yet another step back.  The picture book is Prairie Storms by my friend Darcy Pattison.  Darcy did her research and found that the most frequently forwarded videos are humorous.  Her book is about how animals survive harsh prairie weather.  Not so funny.  So she made a humorous video pitting a bison on ice against a vintage skating video.  Take a look.

Consider these three approaches and your WIP.  Which would be most effective for you?


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