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April 15, 2013

Writing Goals

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calendarHow go your goals for 2013?

I’d love to say that I’m 100% on track, but it isn’t true.

I’m doing amazingly well with my word count goals.  I meet or exceed my goal (6000 words/week) most weeks, even weeks when everyone is at home.

Where I’m not doing as well is my dollar goal.  I have a goal to submit $1000/month.  That is a combination of both things requested by my various editors as well as slush pile submissions.  As of this moment, I’ve met my February goal.

Yep, that bad.

What exactly is my problem?  Queries don’t count.  It also doesn’t count when I pitch 20 craft and activity ideas to my editor.  It only counts when I submit the article itself.

I’m getting the queries out.  I’m pitching the ideas but one of my editors has put a freeze on freelance submissions.  That was a big hit on my total.

I’m teaching.  I haven’t been adding that into my total although I am earning income through my class.

I’m also working on more book length projects.  Astonishingly enough, it takes long to write a book, even a picture book, than it does to write an article.  I can put a lot of hours into a book project and it may boost my word count but it does nothing for the second goal.

That said, I do have 2 finished books and one series proposal ready to go out the door.  And I pulled some work (five devotionals) from an anthology.  The acquiring editor originally offered us a very low payment but when the publisher decided not to give him any advance at all, he told us that there would be no money.  Ummmm.  No.  I can’t pay the light bill with a warm fuzzy feeling so I’ll be selling first rights to someone else as soon as I find them.    I just need to find time to do it.

5 devotionals + 2 books + 1 series proposal.  I think I can . . . I think I can.


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