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April 13, 2016

Agents Looking for Manuscripts

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Call for SubmissionsFinding the agent who is the right match for your manuscript can be tough.  But I live in hope and I’ve always got my eyes open for agents’ wish lists.  Admittedly I keep a pretty close eye on news from my dream agencies so it isn’t a huge surprise that I spotted a list from the agents at The Bent Agency.  Here are a few of the things they are looking for:

Gemma Cooper would love to see manuscripts with animals as main characters or animals that have close bonds with their children.  Anthropomorphic characters are also good.  This also includes major historical events as seen through the eyes of an animal.  (Sue here: I have to admit that my thoughts along those lines are irreverant at best.  Custer’s Last Stand as told by Ike the Turkey Vulture.  I have been spending way too much time with teenage

Susan Hawk  wants realistic MG and YA with elements of magic and fantasy. Romance is a must but the story can focus on other relationships (friendship/sibling/etc.) as well.

Jenny Bent may be closed but she’s looking for Bookclub fiction with strong emotion.  Put #bookclub in subject line so that she will consider it.

Molly Hawn wants to see character-driven YA political fantasy.The more twists and intrigue the better.

Heather Flaherty wants a YA version of The History Channel’s VIKINGS.  Specifically, “battle-ax boys and warrior girls.”

Louise Fury is looking for My Girl for teens.  Describes it as “something set in or around a small town funeral home.”  Also wants fiction/nonfiction about a “nanny/governess/tutor or a nanny squad.”


I hope that there is something on here that sums up one of your stories quite nicely.  Check out their site (see link above) before submitting.



August 7, 2015

Agents Dreaming Aloud

After a lengthy hiatus Agent and Editor Wish List ( has finally been updated.  Here are some wishes of interest to those of us who write for children of teens.

Marisa Corvisiero of Corvisiero Literary Agency:

Wants pieces that are heavy on the science whether science fiction or science thriller for adults, YA, and MG.

Leon Husock of the L. Perkins Agency:

Would love to see a YA revenge fantasy or science fiction novel.  Maybe an “over-the-top crazy contemporary.”  What does he mean when he says revenge?  Think Kill Bill.

Sarah LaPolla of the Bradford Literary Agency:

Wants to see a new spin on “the sad white boy contemporary YA.”  Stronger stories and quit “pining over a manic pixie dream girl.”  Diverse characters.

Bibi Lewis of the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency:

Wants dark humor in both YA and MG.

Penny Moore of Fine Print Literary Management:

Wants YA historical fantasy that is well-researched.  Wants strong world building and cultures not often represented in commercial fiction.

Beth Phelan of the Bent Agency:

Wants a YA disaster novel in which the disaster is a tight, short timeline, something like a blackout.  Keep it “character driven, timeless, and lyrical.”

Elana Roth Parker of Red Tree Literary:

Note:  This agency only represents work for children and teens so even if you don’t see something that sounds like your work on her wish list, check out the site.

She wants MG and YA including SF, fantasy, speculative fiction, and magical realism.  That said, she does not want post-apocalyptic or dystopian.

Magical realism for MG or YA that is Jewish but not hokey or cliche.  Any Jewish children’s fiction but not about anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, or an awkward bar/bat mitzvah.

Alex Slater of the Trident Media Group:

Wants material that is diverse, especially if it has the “confidence and color of Drown by Junot Diaz and Good Lord Bird by James McBride.  Needs to see this more especially in YA and MG.

YA horror set in abandoned locations such as Six Flags Jazzland or an overgrown section of China’s Great Wall.

Rebeca Sherman of Writers House:

Contemporary MG with themes built around friendship and family whether set at school or during the summer.  Diverse protagonists.


July 13, 2015

Agents: Agents Currently Looking for Authors

Call for SubmissionsIf you are at that point in your career where you are thinking about finding an agent, here are several who are in the market for your writing.

Linda Camacho with the Prospect Agency is looking for middle grade and and young adult fiction in all areas.  She is listed as interested in both picture books and narrative nonfiction.  Yeah, I’m thinking this is someone I need to consider.

Lydia Blyfield of the Carol Mann Agency  is on the prowl for both YA and middle grade.  In MG, she wants diversity and smart approaches to difficult topics such as the work of Cynthia Kadohata.  In YA, she wants a strong hook and modern themes.  One of her favorites is Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reason’s Why.  She also likes crossovers like Ransom Rigg’s  Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.   Read her bio page on the agency site and you’ll see that she likes people who challenge how we look at the world.  I like that but she doesn’t represent picture books.

Rebecca Stead of The Book Group is interested in “progressive forms, diverse voices, and open-hearted fiction for children, young adults, and adults.”  Yeah.  I’m not 100% certain what that means but there you go.

Whitley Abell of the Inklings Literary Agency is taking queries for young aduld and middle grade novels ranging from contemporary to historical and realistic or supernatural.  She caught my eye because she is located in St. Louis, but sadly doesn’t take picture books.

Who ar the agents you are considering?




February 19, 2015

Agents Looking for Clients

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Call for SubmissionsYes, I’m looking at agents and here are three who caught my attention.

Sean McCarthy, who has his own agency, wants to see:

  • humorous MG and YA but necessarilly zany or slapstick
  • multifacted YA characters
  • MG mysteries and adventure that are boy friendly
  • picture books with great characters, off-beat humor and clever endings

I was especially pleased to see that recent sales for his agency include No Fits Nelson.


Linda Epstein, associate agents at Jennifer deChiara, wants:

  • Funny, quirky picture books.  Only pitch one but don’t approach her until you have more than one to sell.
  • Middle grade that is character driven but has a lot of action.
  • Young adult with real teenage characters but not issue stories that are only about the issue.

Here is a blog post with tons of specifics.


Sally Apokedak at Leslie H. Slobbe Literary Agency.

  • Picture books with quirky, fun, characters.  Make it a great read aloud. Conflict and character growth a plus.
  • Funny, boy oriented middle grades.  Loves fantasy but wants strong voice in any genre.
  • YA fantasy a favorite.  Also loves dystopian, fairy tales, and mysteries.
  • Nonfiction for all ages with topics ranging from devotionals to science to biography.

Don’t see anyone here that fits your needs?  Here is a list of ten different agents all looking for clients.  I don’t think they all represent children’s or young adult literature but there are several agents that I haven’t discussed here. Before submitting to any agent, google them.  Read all you can find about them.  Look for the best possible fit both in terms of what you write and what you want the agent to do for you.

And, as always, good luck!


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