Recharge by Doing Something Creative

The St. Louis County Library System has been hosting a March drawing challenge with lessons from Creative Bug. Naturally, with three book deadlines this month, I’ve been taking part.

This is something that I do for just a few minutes each day. Some images turn out a whole lot better than others. But the point is to take a few minutes to create by doing something other than writing.

What you chose to do depends on you. In addition to drawing, I’m making a point of getting back into knitting and crochet. I did so much handwork before I hurt a tendon in my left wrist. It is back in good form but I just haven’t gotten back into the habit. I’ll be finishing up a shawl that I started quite some time ago.

As the weather warms, I’m also going to be doing some light weight landscaping. I say lightweight because it involves pulling weeds, shifting gravel, laying vapor barrier, and then doing some rock work. Back where the gravel has been removed, I’ll be sewing nasturtiums. And I’m working on an old sewing machine.

It sounds like a lot but I do a bit here and a bit there. I’ve got a contracted book to finish by the end of the month and then two projects of my own to get back into.

One of the ways that I get the writing done is by recharging and that involves getting up and away from my desk. How do you recharge?