Write Short to Support Your Book

Recently I read an article on writing articles to support a fiction book. The author recommended writing articles to increase interest in her middle grade fiction title. I get it. This piece published in Funds for Writers was one of those pieces so naturally she used it to promote her book. But you can also use a similar technique to support sales of your nonfiction titles.

Take these two books. They are two of my 2023 titles. What articles would help promote these titles?

Articles for My Fellow Writers

These are so many things that I could write about for my fellow writers. I could write about how to get into writing work-for-hire for the educational market. I could write about the difficulty of presenting a balanced treatment of a sensitive issue. I could even write about how to write hi-lo titles for readers who don’t read as well as they might.

Articles about Voting and Elections

There are so many possibilities here especially when you realized that I could write separate pieces up for elementary aged readers, teens, and adults on many topics. Possible topics include:

  • When the voting age was dropped to 18 years-old and why this happened when it did.
  • Literacy and religious tests used to hamper voting.
  • How the electoral college works vs how people think it works. I’ll admit that I’ve always wanted to play around with the numbers on the Presidential Election. We seem to think that the popular vote would be vastly different than the Electoral College results and that the college favors the Republican party. But does it? I’d love to look at totals and find out if this is true.
  • Election fraud and how rare this actually is.
  • Why many people do not register to vote or, if registered, do not vote during elections.

Articles about Roe v Wade

Personally, it is harder to come up with ideas based on this topic simply because it is such an emotional issue. But still there are things I would be interested in writing.

  • I would really like to take a look at abortion worldwide. That said, I think it would be hard to research. Especially in areas where abortion is illegal, it would be hard to come up with accurate information.
  • Another idea is a biography about Roe, aka Norma McCorvey. The more I learn about her, the more complex she becomes. But isn’t that the case with most people.

How do you come up with ideas to compliment your nonfiction title? Look at information that didn’t fit into the actual book. Anything that you had to cover in just a paragraph or two, which meant condensing so much information, is a possibility.

Articles, how-tos, and other short pieces are a great way to promote your other work. Just don’t get so busy writing the short pieces that you forget to start working on your next major project.