Review of A Wingman for Christmas

This is the perfect book to curl up with a cup of coffee (or your favorite beverage) and take a break from your holiday preparations. It is also a good boost for anyone who isn’t quite in the holiday mood.

After all, Cheryl isn’t even close to the holiday spirit. Although she and her siblings agreed to take turns housing Mama, no one wants to deal with Mama’s sassy parrot, Nigel. Cheryl’s made room for Mama but hasn’t had time to deal with everything stacked out on her porch. With the neighborhood Christmas parade looming, the pressure is on to get things cleared up and decorated.

It doesn’t help that the pressure is coming from Miriam, President of the Historical Society. She’s also married to Cheryl’s ex and lives . . . where else? . . . right across the street.

This is a book full of delightful, kooky characters that feels so much like a cozy mystery that by the middle of the book, I started asking, “Where’s the mystery?” Nope. Not a cozy but there is a mystery element when Nigel is stolen.

Part cozy, part holiday tale, part light romance, this book has a lot to offer in just 195 pages. That isn’t to say it is slight. it is actually an excellent length for this busy time of year.

Besides, author Barbara Barth weaves together a satisfying story with strong character arcs. And I have to say that I really appreciated that. In a lot of holiday stories and cozy mysteries, the characters don’t seem to grow or change. But in A Wingman for Christmas there are strong redemptive arcs. Neighbors connect. Family members strengthen their relationships. And there’s even a hint at romance to come.

I’m not a “bird person,” but as a pet lover that element rang true both in the strong reactions that others had to Mama’s difficult pet but also in Mama’s love for her companion.

You can wing your way over to Amazon by clicking here to purchase this for yourself or for a Christmas gift. Or visit one of the other stops in this blog tour (see below) to find out more about this book and this author.


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