A Writer’s Gratitude

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

There are so many things that I’m thankful for as a working writer. This isn’t a ranked list but I now consistently put #1 at the top.

1. My health

Just over a year ago, I developed a tendon problem in one wrist. I actually didn’t know or crochet for about 9 months. I was wondering if I would have to give up using my keyboard. It took occupational therapy for me to put it more-or-less behind me. But I’m going to say that I am much more aware of those little twinges and tingles than I used to be. Don’t take your hand health for granted.

2. My writing community

You hear a lot about the toxicity of social media. Honestly, I’ve encountered very little of it but I spend 90% of my time among other writers. This doesn’t mean that I’ve encountered none and a recent confrontation left me very grateful for my community. That means all of you, my community at WOW! Women on Writing, and my writing friends on Twitter. It’s great to have people who will hold me up when I need support and who cheer me on. Speaking of which, I’m also grateful for . . .

3. My family

Not every writer has the support of their family. My husband and son are both marvelously supportive as are my in-laws although my father-in-law doesn’t periodically stump me with a basic, “What are you working on?” He’s learned that goofy introvert that I am, I may need five or ten minutes to frame an answer. I’ve also got the support of my church family and that too means a lot. There’s one other writer in the mix but this group of engineers, accountants and more are a great sounding board and support system.

4. Technology

I’m also grateful to be working as a writer in the time of home computers vs the time of typewriters. I’m an awful typist and I can’t imagine having to create perfection on the typed page. I am simply that bad in spite of the typing class that I took in school. I came up in that overlap between computers and typewriters and I can tell you which one I prefer!

5. My editors and publishers

This list would not be complete without including the editors and publishers with which I’ve worked. I’ve learned something from each and every one of them and grown in the process. I’m not going to claim every lesson has been pleasant. The reality is that no one is suited to every type of writing and sometimes the lesson is that something is a very bad match. But that’s okay. Because I’ve also found several very good matches.

And for that and so much more, I am deeply grateful.