If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Something Different

I use a lot of stock photos here on my blog. Creative Commons 0 is a form of copyright that means you can use the photos any way you would like, free of charge. If you are in the need of photos like this, you can check out Pixabay which is my go-to source.

But sometimes I use my phone to snap a fast photo. If you participate on social media it is a great way to personalize your posts. You can show readers where you work, where you read, and what you are reading.

Of course, when I say I snap a fast photo, sometimes it is fast and easy. Other times? Not so much. That was the case as I tried to take a photo of myself reading in my snuggery. As shown, my phone is on one arm of the sofa, propped against a tea cup. Yes, I have a stand but the angle was wrong. That was two attempts.

I read leaning against the arm of the sofa. My coffee, or more often water, sits there on the coaster where you see the cup and saucer. I’m stretched out relaxing which means my legs are on the sofa. Let’s just say that that was a strange, unflattering angle. My feet are not tiny, and this was ridiculous. That was another photo or two.

I’m using the timer on my phone so I have 10 seconds to get in place. Once I failed to make it. Once I had a truly irritated look on my face. I was irritated by then so it makes sense. I think I have about nine fails on my phone.

You know what they say. If you keep trying the same thing and you keep failing, it is time to try something new. The sofa is fine. The tables are fine. The teacup is fine. The books? Also fine. The problem time and time again? Once a cushion acted up and got in the way, but every other time it was me.

Keeping that in mind, the solution was obvious. Take myself out of the photo.

Whether you are trying to establish a new writing routine, finish a project, or write something new, if you keep meeting with failure, don’t give up. But don’t keep trying the same thing. Try something new.