One Step . . . No Steps. When You Don’t Manage to Write.

I had great plans to get some work done this weekend, but Mother Nature had other plans. Just as I was waking up, I heard a loud hum and then a BANG. One of the transformers in the neighborhood had gone out. Then the local wifi went down. We decided to spend the day outside and drove down to walk the hills and paths of our local zoo. As we left, a parade of electrical company trucks were rumbling through the neighborhood.

It was all back up by about 5. But my work goals for Saturday? They didn’t happen. Instead I saw a baby leopard in a tree. Hmm. That sounds like a line for a board book story.

I could have stayed home and worried about when things would come back up. And that would have been really frustrating. The power came on before noon. it was the wifi that was delayed and I needed the wifi to do the research for my chapter.

So we strolled around the zoo. We saw snakes – so many snakes. My favorite may have been this hammock rattlesnake. It is a hybrid of an Eastern timber rattler and a diamond back. Look at that rattle!

I should also have gotten a photo of another favorite – the gaboon viper. I love the look of its scales which actually look like velvet. And the spikes on its face? Totally look like meringue peaks.

In no way did Saturday go as planned but I got to see an 8 year-old orangutan showing off to get the attention of an 8 year-old girl. And there was the toddler hopping down the sidewalk chanting “rock hopper rock hopper hopper rock.”

None of this is a solid fit for what I’m currently working on but who knows? Maybe for my next project or even my next. When things don’t work out as planned, sometimes it is just best to let good and seek inspiration somewhere else. You may find something you weren’t expecting, like a gutsy baby leopard.


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