Guard Your Writing Time

Wombats, Wombat, Shield, Note, Sign

It is good to be busy. People tell me it is better than being bored. I have no idea. And I’m not just being cheeky, I haven’t been bored for a long time.

One of my editors got back to me on a project. I just signed a contract for another book. And I have something I want to write during NaNoWriMo.

As a working writer, I work in my home office. I try to keep something that resembles a 9 – 5 schedule but I sometimes end up working in the evening.

The problem with being at my desk 9 – 5, M-F is that I’m easy to locate. It doesn’t help that numerous people have figured out that I keep messenger open in the background while I work. It is how my husband, son, and I communicate. But people ping me when they can’t find my husband’s cell number. And when they want to get together during the work day.

Some people refuse to take no for an answer. One person just messaged me again while simultaneously leaving a rather testy phone message. “I know you’re there. If we could just talk.”

And I’d be happy to talk. But not during my workday.

Sometimes it gets to bad that I’ll close messenger and give someone else my phone. “Don’t come get me if it isn’t a real emergency.”

Once when he was a tween, my son had friends over gaming. I gave them my phone. I told them that they could answer it if they wanted but I had to work. “What do we say when someone asks for you?” I told them to tell people that I was in Australia herding wombats. They were amazingly excited about getting to tell a wide variety of people that they were sorry but I was in Australia. Just talked to me ten minutes earlier? That’s interesting. Still in Australia herding wombats.

One month. Three books to write. So if you need me between 9 to 5 on a weekday? If there’s no paycheck involved, sorry mate. I’m in Australia, herding wombats.