Blog Tours: What and Why?

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Next week, I’m going to post about the blog tour that I’m taking part in, but I thought I would first discuss what a blog tour is and why you might want to do one for your own book. A blog tour is like a book tour but it is entirely online. It is an opportunity to promote your book in front of a wider audience. You can do a blog tour three different ways.

Invite Others to Write about Your Book

The way that is the least amount of work for you is to ask other bloggers to write about you and your book. They could write a review. They could post about why fellow writers should read your book. They could write about why your book would make a great Christmas gift. The possibilities are endless and depend on your book.

This relies on your ability to get them a copy of your book and whatever other materials they need. That said, it is the least work of the three options.

Offer to Guest Post

If you are willing to take on more of the actual work, you can offer to write a guest post. If your goal is 50 different participating blogs, you don’t have to write 50 different posts although you might want do customize each post just a bit. Can you come up with 10 different posts? You could write about:

  1. What inspired you to undertake this process.
  2. Your research.
  3. A location in your story.
  4. The actual writing of the piece.
  5. How it evolved during the revision process.
  6. How you chose the market for the piece.
  7. The writing rituals that kept you going.
  8. How you fixed the muddled middle.
  9. The play list that you listened to as you worked.
  10. Foods that appear in your story.

As you can see, some of these topics would work well for audiences of nonwriters. Depending on your book you could likely come up with even more ideas.

A Combination

The blog tours that I’ve taken part in have all been a combination of these two approaches. In some cases, people have guest-posted here on my blog. More often than not, I’ve reviewed or otherwise written about their book. I also generally post about the tour, telling my readers a bit about it before they see my post.

So why would you want to do the work required for a blog tour? To market you and your work. If you want to book school visits, virtually or in person, that would be something you could include in your bio especially if you are visiting library or education blogs.

A blog tour is also a great way to visit readers you wouldn’t physically reach in a book tour. Most book tours have a limited number of stops, but a blog tour opens up a world of possibilities.