Labor Day: Recharging and Contemplating the Work People Do

As I was considering this post, my first thought was that I only have one Labor Day book. That would be Become a Construction Worker. But then I really started thinking.

One of my books is The Who. Not many people get to make their livings as rock musicians but that’s at least part of what these four men did. Who else might I be overlooking?

There are the people who design toys and those who come up with the images on wall paper, wrapping paper, and even fabrics.

There are people working in transportation who drive metro trains, maintain tracks, and even those who repair buses.

A few weeks ago I met a man who used to work for the St. Louis County Parks. He worked on historic homes, maintained riverside parklands, and even got to help work on a barn.

The most interesting combination I’ve ever encountered in one person was a chemist who, on the weekends, worked as a trapper of nuisance wild life. Another surprising one for me was the 83 year-old sensei who still teaches kendo. When I was about 12 I met a printer as in someone who ran a press. I don’t remember what to call the type of press but it was fascinating watching him squeegee on ink and do test runs. There were so many moving, spinning parts and then out would come a printed page.

This is all something to consider as we create our character and decide what jobs various people are going to do. A lot of books that I read include writers, librarians, and people who work in book stores. There are teachers and principals.

Now, if you don’t have a pressing deadline, I hope that you are taking some time to recharge here at the end of Labor Day Weekend.