3 Ways to Fit Writing into Your Life

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’ll admit it. I’m a full time writer. This may make you wonder what I know about fitting writing into my day. The reality is that full time writers still have families and kids that get sick. They have friends and acquaintances who know they are home during the day. Some of us also have jobs that pay and jobs that don’t. Whether you write full time or on the side, fitting everything into your day can be tricky.

At the moment, I have four books under contract. That meant a total of 8 deadlines over four months. That’s a lot of writing around my blogging, teaching and spending time every day away from my computer. That last one is vital to avoid burnout. How to fit it all in?

I was talking to my writing friend Chris. She also has a large number of deadlines right now. Some are for work that pays right this very minute. Other work is contracted but won’t pay until the royalties come in. As a self-supporting writer, this means she needs to do both – income now and income later. Her solution? Income later occupies her morning work hours. Income now occupies her afternoons.

That made me think that a similar solution might work for me so I am doing noncontract work in the morning and contract work in the afternoon. So far it is working like a dream because I’m working on both sets of work each day and not putting things off. So what advice do I have for you?

Prioritize Writing

First things first, make getting to your writing a priority. Yes. You have to make a living and keep your kids healthy and all that. But if writing is something you really want to do, you need to prioritize it. Is writing something that you really and truly want to do?

Be Realistic

Okay, writing is something you really want to do. Now it is time to get real. Some people say you need to write every day. It definitely makes things easier, but that may not be feasible for you. One of my friends would get a cabin and write all weekend several times a year. That way she could be there for her kids the rest of the time. Only you know what your life is really like and what is possible.

Create a Team

It also helps to have allies. These are people who recognize your desire to write and are willing to help you get there. They will ask you what you’ve been working on. They will nudge you when you don’t get to it. I’m super lucky. My husband and son are on my team. I also know a large number of professional writers.

No writing plan is permanent. I’ve had periods in my life where I only wrote 30 minutes a day. I’ve had times where I prepped all of my social media content in one day and times where I prepped one day at a time. When things quit working for you, reevaluate. After all, you’ll want to work it in if writing is a priority.